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You may install PNotes by two different ways: either by downloading and extracting ZIP archive, or by downloading and executing standard setup program. Deinstallation could be done accordingly: in case of ZIP archive just delete the PNotes folder, in case of standard setup - use uninstaller which ships with installation.
Which way is better - depends only on your preferences.

The small utilities PNotesShortcutManager or PNotesNETShortcutManager may help to setup and distribute the program on local network.

Tip: if you are on Windows Vista or Windows 7 under restricted account - install it into root folder ("C:\"), instead of "C:\Program Files" (x32 system) or "C:\Program Files (x86)" (x64 system) in order to avoid UAC conflicts.

Web Help is also available in German - thanks to Holger Stöhr

PNotes (9.3.0)
imagePNotes (ZIP archive)
MD5: c1ce7af4a618748a54841787e54b1f0d

imagePNotes setup
MD5: 794175db0de82ff2e5001a0b0321d348

imagePNotes Help (CHM)
MD5: 19919462912418d5b67dd27259b4ee05

imagePNotes Help (PDF)
MD5: 3cb9e62a5892749acf48bc21d4ada509

imagePNotes Portable at
MD5: 0d5e2d3ab8bdd1da2d12061530293d24

PNotes.NET (3.4.0)
imagePNotes.NET (ZIP archive)
MD5: c6f1bc2dec6ce7370655087d247b26a6

imagePNotes.NET setup
MD5: 8901acf5c0a10278b522a57d6d4d6a44

imagePNotes.NET Help (CHM)
MD5: 4be7f2c1b591e3a6cab6754f00cfc746

imagePNotes.NET Help (PDF)
MD5: 63577d2141cc0238e0850bfbed9706ca

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