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You may install PNotes by two different ways: either by downloading and extracting ZIP archive, or by downloading and executing standard setup program. Deinstallation could be done accordingly: in case of ZIP archive just delete the PNotes folder, in case of standard setup - use uninstaller which ships with installation.
Which way is better - depends only on your preferences.

Since version 3.5 there is a new feature that may be useful for those who uses PNotes.NET in local network and exchanges notes with colleagues: if PNotesExchangeService is installed on one of local network's computers and all settings are properly configured on clients (via Preferences → Network), then, if PNotes.NET is not running on one of clients computer or computer is just switched off, all undelivered notes will be saved on server and sent to client when it wakes up.

The small utilities PNotesShortcutManager or PNotesNETShortcutManager may help to setup and distribute the program on local network.

Tip: if you are on Windows Vista or Windows 7 under restricted account - install it into root folder ("C:\"), instead of "C:\Program Files" (x32 system) or "C:\Program Files (x86)" (x64 system) in order to avoid UAC conflicts.

Web Help is also available in German - thanks to Holger Stöhr

PNotes.NET (3.6.0)
imagePNotes.NET (ZIP archive)
imagePNotes.NET setup
imagePNExchangeService (ZIP archive)
imagePNExchangeService setup
imagePNotes.NET Help (CHM)
imagePNotes.NET Help (PDF)
PNotes (9.3.0)
imagePNotes (ZIP archive)
imagePNotes setup
imagePNotes Help (CHM)
imagePNotes Help (PDF)
imagePNotes Portable at
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