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17 Jun 2017 - PNotes.NET version released
  • New features:
    • Added options to switch between Ignore/Match case in Control Panel’s Quick Search (suggested by Andre Werner)
    • Added option to store undelivered notes on local network server when recipient's computer is switched off or PNotes.NET is not running (experimental). In order to be able to do that you should download and install PNExchangeService on one of your local network’s computers and configure settings at Preferences → Network
    • Added option to set user-defined first day of week instead of day defined by program’s UI language (Preferences → Schedule) (suggested by Leopoldus)
    • Added auto switch to right-to-left UI direction when user change UI language to one of right-to-left languages (Hebrew, Arabic etc)
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Exception is thrown while saving note, if backup copies deepness is set to value more than 9 (discovered by Paul Beutel)
16 Oct 2016 - PNotes.NET version released
  • New features:
    • Lower panel at Preferences dialog, which include some asterisk (*) warnings, hides scrollable parts of window – removed and since now settings with asterisk will show warning tooltip (suggested by Timor Gruber)
    • “Apply” button at Preferences dialog will change its IsEnable state dynamically, according to changes in settings (suggested by Timor Gruber)
    • Return to default settings at Preferences dialog will include (optional) default settings for groups
    • When program starts for the very first time (without previous installations) new note will appear on user’s screen with brief description of the program (suggested by Timor Gruber)
    • Special groups at Control Panel will be sorted alphabetically
    • Added filter to system voices in order to prevent using of disabled voices
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Exception is thrown when user select notes group at Preferences dialog
    • Preview for notes group is not drawn properly at Preferences dialog
    • Skins are scaled incorrectly on high-density monitors with large DPI
    • When user empties notes Panel and then move one or more notes to Panel again – notes thumbnails animation on Panel works incorrectly
    • Function “Centralize” at Control Panel works incorrectly on high-density monitors with large DPI
25 Aug 2016 - PNotes.NET version released
  • New features:
    • Added option to export all notes as single report to PDF file, TIF image, Word document, RTF document or text file using various options and filters (Backup/Synchronization->Export All Notes). Choose “Configure Report” in order to define the fields shown.
    • –exp command line switch added for performing notes export from command line
    • Added option to save links to other notes by right click on note’s text area and choosing Insert->Link To Other Note
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Local synchronization crashes on some systems with different numbers formatting rules.
    • Only date is inserted into note after clicking on Insert->Date/time (discovered by Salvafito)
25 Apr 2016 - PNotes.NET version released
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Verticall scroll bar settings are not saved (discovered by gilmar)
07 Nov 2015 - PNotes.NET version 3.2.0 released
  • New features:
    • Added optional vertical toolbar to preview text box at Control Panel (suggested by Santhosh Kumar)
    • Option to save a desktop shortcut to note and show note by double clicking on it (suggested by Santhosh Kumar)
    • Option to start the program by note’s desktop shortcut if program is not currently running
    • Options to delete desktop shortcuts on program exit and restore them on program start
    • Option to close note after desktop shortcut creation
    • Option to set delay of automatic notes panel appearance (suggested by Sergey Hristov)
    • Process of downloading spelling dictionaries is automated
    • Search in notes settings will be saved automatically (suggested by Tim Naylor)
    • Option to delete separate note(s) from Recycle Bin instead of emptying it totally (suggested by JP Dag)
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Font family combo box is not displayed at the right place (discovered by cipherkey)
    • Horizontal scroll bar is not shown on note when “Show scrollbars” is selected (discovered by Santhosh Kumar)
    • Fonts scaling on High DPI monitors (discovered by Timor Gruber)
    • Skins are shown corrupted when “Automatically adjust note’s height” is checked
    • Synchronization fails if note’s name contains quotation mark (discovered by Charlie Smith)
    • Exception is thrown when no MS Office installation found (discovered by Jarda)
11 Aug 2015 - PNotes.NET version 3.1.0 released
  • New features:
    • Checking whether contacts are logged on (suggested by Sergey Hristov)
    • Option to set default font size for group (suggested by Sergey Hristov)
    • Added “Now” button to DateTimePicker control (suggested by Sergey Hristov)
    • Option to view all previously defined hot keys - at hot keys dialog (suggested by Sergey Hristov)
    • Option to switch off animation at notes Panel (suggested by Sergey Hristov)
    • Option for received note to be always on top (suggested by Sergey Hristov)
    • About button to Control Panel (suggested by Sergey Hristov)
    • Option to import contacts for SMTP mail from IBM Notes
    • Added sample text to skin preview
    • New -config -confignonetwork command line parameter for themes directory
    • Option for updating/downloading new themes
    • New PNotesNETShortcutManager
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Note with transparency remains opaque when focus moves to window which does not belong to PNotes (discovered by Kakha Khmelidze)
    • Menus text color is not shown properly on Windows 7 with classic color scheme
    • Hot key does not work for “Unroll Note” (discovered by Scott Sell)
    • Control Panel is not shown when "Show 'Incoming' group after click on notification message" is checked
    • When program starts from shortcut the log file is created in shortcut directory instead of program directory
    • Settings for single click on system tray icon don’t work properly
    • Line breaks are included in new note’s name while saving (discovered by Sergey Hristov)
12 Jun 2015 - PNotes.NET version 3.0.1 released
  • New features:
    • Program was rewritten using WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) technology instead of WinForms. That means more visual effects, more customization, more possibilities.
    • Added option to organize notes in Mac-like docked panel (Preferences->Behavior->Show notes panel)
    • Added -l command line switch for loading note(s)
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Improved and fixed synchronization (local and via cloud plugins)
    • Fixed many small (and not) bugs - thanks to everyone discovered them and especially to Sergey Hristov
24 Sep 2014 - PNotes.NET version 2.0.2 released.
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Menus management dialog works incorrectly (discovered by Sergey Hristov)
02 Sep 2014 - PNotes.NET version 2.0.1 released.
  • New features:
    • Multiple alerts schedule type (suggested by Sunil)
    • Time zone selection for alerts (suggested by Sunil)
    • Option to autosize note's height accordingly to its contents (suggested by Sergey Hristov) (Preferences->General settings->Skinless notes)
    • Option to toggle on-screen keyboard and magnifier
    • Two additional parameters added to -cn command line switch: new note name (second parameter), note's tags, separated by comma (third parameter) (suggested by batzilis)
04 Jul 2014 - PNotes.NET version 1.9.1 released.
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Invalid positioning and exceptions when Windows task bar is located at the left or at the top of screen (discovered by Yukto8492)
    • Invalid positioning with multiple screens when one of screens has negative coordinates (discovered by kduchow)
    • Exception after importing notes from old PNotes edition (discovered by Jean-Pierre Dagomet)
    • Error on inserting image/smilie into note when skins are used
  • New features:
    • Paragraphs indent (suggested by lparis70)
    • Free drawing
04 Jun 2014 - bug in synchronization plugins.
  • Due to bug discovered by Striker in synchronization plugins it's strongly recommended to anyone who use such plugins (for Box, DropBox, FTP, GoogleDrive or SkyDrive) to update their plugins to recent version ( Then any "" directory should be removed from service provider site (Box, DropBox etc) and synchronization has to be performed again. If you have synchronized your notes using "buggy" version of plugin and encounter troubles with loading notes: close the program, delete "notes.db3" file from "data" directory, run the program and manually add problem notes (by using "Load Note" menu item on main menu).
01 Jun 2014 - PNotes.NET version 1.8.1 released. (emergency fix)
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Rolling/unrolling has deteriorated after update to 1.8 (discovered by Kakha)
31 May 2014 - PNotes.NET version 1.8 released. (if you use any PNotes.NET plugin - update it, beacuse old ones are incompatible with new encryption library)
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Groups disappear after dragging on other group at Control Panel (discovered by Robert)
    • If program works on two screens and one of screens is unplugged, notes from this screen do not appear on remaining screen (discovered by Martijn van Cauteren)
    • New notes pinned to another window appear at the most left corner of the screen instead of their real position (discovered by Dy Nama)
    • Standard groups' names are not changed when user changes program language
    • Control Pane does not remember columns sorting order after closing
    • Some menu items at Control Panel do not get values from English language file (discovered by Kakha)
  • New features:
    • Option to encrypt note's text, making it absolutely unreadable - for security freaks
    • Option to resize note from any side, not just by sizing grip in the right lower corner
    • Option to centralize notes if they have accidentally lost position
01 May 2014 - PNotes.NET version 1.7 released.
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Crash after attempt to close skinnable note (discovered by Aosuper)
    • Wrong count of backups is shown at Control Panel under some circumstances
    • Changing of note's schedule does not affect the note's icon at Control Panel
    • Note's caption font is not affected after changing
    • Some fonts are drawn incorrectly on note's caption and font choosing combo box
  • New features:
    • Added option to send notes by mail using SMTP profile instead of standard e-mail client program (see Preferences->Network->SMTP mail tab)
    • Added option to load contacts data from MS Outlook and GMail for further using by SMTP mailing
    • Search in notes now can be performed using regular expressions as well
    • Added option to reorder menus
    • Added superscript and subscript formatting options
    • Added option to insert special symbols into note's text - for formulas, equations and schemes
    • Added option to arrange line and paragraph spacing
    • Added option to sort note's text by paragraphs
    • Added option to change font for windows and menus
    • Added option to hide splash screen from program settings, not just by running program with -nosplash command line switch
    • Added option to clear all note's formatting by one click
    • Added option to remove main program window from windows list (suggested by Kakha)
    • Added option to restore autosaved notes (after incorrect program termination) automatically, without user prompt (suggested by Kakha)
    • Improvements in skins operations
    • The program does not depend more by VC++ 2010 Runtime - hallelujah!
15 Mar 2014 - PNotes.NET version 1.6 released.
  • Fixed bugs:
    • New note still does not become top-most (discovered by pekingduckman)
    • Unhandled exception is thrown when spell checking is set to "Automatic" and user makes right-click on empty note
    • Program fails to load some notes after changing its UI language - currently selected language locale was used for parsing dates instead of default en-US locale. All language files are absolutely OK. (discovered by Riccardo Suardi)
    • Untranslated items (discovered by Jean-Pierre Dagomet)
  • New features:
    • Ability to add customizable tables
    • Prompt to insert file dragged onto note as object, content or link
    • Option to automatically add smilies while typing ':)' or ':('
31 Jan 2014 - PNotes.NET version 1.5 released.
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Click or double click on empty notes list at Control Panel results in program crash
    • Enable state of "Empty Recycle Bin" button/menu item does not match current Recycle Bin state (discovered by Kakha)
    • Even if "New note always on top" option is checked, new notes does not become top-most (discovered by pekingduckman)
    • The functionality of "Do not show notes in the list of opened windows" option does not work (discovered by majkinetor)
  • New features:
    • Ability to set hot keys for bullets/numbering menu items (suggested by pekingduckman)
    • Displaying hot keys in note's toolbar tooltips (suggested by pekingduckman)
    • Option to choose initial note's position (suggested by unegreuche)
    • Option to prompt for password on attempt to save as text file/print/send password protected note (suggested by Langua)
    • Option to pin notes to windows using wild-cards (suggested by Cengiz)
28 Nov 2013 - PNotes.NET version 1.4 released.
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Notes do not accept TAB key (discovered by rickytbf)
    • Built-in rich edit shortcuts are missing for bold, italic, underline and strike-through font styles (discovered by rickytbf)
    • Sending new note (which has not been saved yet) via local network raises exception (discovered by rickytbf)
    • Saving note fails if note's name includes apostrophe "'" character (discovered by rickytbf)
  • New features:
    • Added "-nosplash" command line switch, preventing splash screen appearance (suggested by Kakha)
    • Today, if user tries to start the program when it's already running - nothing happens. Since now an attempt to launch additional instance of the program will perform the same action as after double click on system tray icon.
13 Oct 2013 - PNotes.NET version 1.3 released.
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Multiple errors on import notes from PNotes classic (discovered by Holger Stöhr)
28 Sep 2013 - PNotes.NET version 1.2 released.
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Multiple plugins update dialogs are shown after multiple quick clicks on "Search for updates/new plugins" button (discovered by Sergey Hristov)
    • Roll/unroll note's menu does not work when option "Roll/unroll note by double click on caption" is not checked (discovered by Sergey Hristov)
    • Invalid characters are drawn on splash screen and about dialog for some languages (discovered by Jean-Pierre Dagomet)
    • Invalid date is shown on tooltip for new notes (discovered by Sergey Hristov)
    • Groups on Control Panel are not sorted (discovered by Robert)
    • Note from second screen jumps to the first screen after unrolling on multiple monitors (discovered by SimonC)
08 Sep 2013 - PNotes.NET version 1.1 released.
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Typos in language file (discovered by Sergey Hristov)
    • Untranslated items (discovered by Sergey Hristov)
    • Click on "Download Dictionaries" menu item of note menu does not open page of OpenOffice dictionaries (discovered by Sergey Hristov)
    • Click on "More skins" on Appearance page does not open PNotes.NET skins page
    • Settings "Delete notes from Recycle Bin after selected period" to value more than 10 throws run-time exception (discovered by Sergey Hristov)
    • Program gets stuck when user clicks Cancel on "Enter password" dialog on program start (discovered by Holger Stöhr)
    • After changin mode from skinless to skinnable notes that were rolled before almost disappear (discovered by Sergey Hristov)
    • Sending notes with large pictures over local network fails (discovered by Sergey Hristov)
    • "Capitalize sentences" command only capitalizes the very first sentence (discovered by Sergey Hristov)
    • Importing notes from PNotes fails for PNotes version previous to 9.0 (discovered by Sergey Hristov)
    • Running external program fails when program path starts with common environment variable (e.g. %WINDIR%) (discovered by Sergey Hristov)
    • Security exception is thrown on attempt to clean registry values under not aministrator account (discovered by Andrey Tuliev)
    • On-line synchronization fails on computers with locale settings other than English because of using "," as decimal separator instead of "." (discovered by Sergey Hristov)
  • New features:
    • Added default values to FTP plugin's configuration window, "/" for directory and "21" for port (suggested by Sergey Hristov)
    • Added option to close note automatically after setting schedule (suggested by Sergey Hristov)
    • Added option to run external program on scheduled note notification (suggested by Sergey Hristov)
    • Added options to import fonts and dictionaries from PNotes (suggested by Holger Stöhr)
22 Aug 2013 - PNotes.NET version 1.0 released.
  • New edition of program, rewritten from scratch in C#. It contains all the features of PNotes and, in addition, many new features, like working with social networks, online synchronization with cloud services and so on.
24 Feb 2013 - PNotes Portable version 9.3.0 released.
  • PNotes Portable version 9.3.0 released at Thanks to John T. Haller.
23 Feb 2013 - PNotes version 9.3.0 released.
  • Fixed bugs:
    • New group is created with black background
    • Sending note text as e-mail body fails on special symbols
    • Search dialog does not get focus after applying hot key
    • Password protected notes appear without login dialog after switch between skinless and skinnable mode (discovered by thegriff)
    • Note still appears on the screen while its group is deleted (discovered by Manish Kumar)
    • PNotes stops working when user tries to save the note whose group is already deleted (discovered by Manish Kumar)
27 Dec 2012 - PNotes Portable version 9.2.0 released.
  • PNotes Portable version 9.2.0 released at Thanks to John T. Haller.
24 Dec 2012 - PNotes version 9.2.0 released.
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Long period schedule description is not shown properly at Control Panel (discovered by Giuliano Cabrele)
    • Notes remain without group after restore from full backup (discovered by Rich Levin)
01 Sep 2012 - PNotes Portable version 9.1.0 released.
  • PNotes Portable version 9.1.0 released at Thanks to John T. Haller.
31 Aug 2012 - PNotes version 9.1.0 released.
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Alarm timer for invisible notes does not start when program starts (discovered by ballyhoo1)
    • Backup fails for encrypted notes (discovered by Stephane S.)
04 Aug 2012 - PNotes version 9.0 (build 110) released.
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Setting random back color for skinless notes does not work (discovered by Celestino Orongan)
    • When program is locked, notes become visible after third pressing on unlock hot key (discovered by pskilton)
    • Some languages are wrong processed in spell checker (discovered by Frédéric de Rupilly)
19 May 2012 - PNotes Portable version 9.0 released.
  • PNotes Portable version 9.0 released at Thanks to John T. Haller.
19 May 2012 - PNotes 9.0 released.
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Improper search by dates (discovered by Holger Stohr)
    • Hidden note does not preserve its group if groups has been changed via "Save As" dialog (discovered by wieselmann)
    • When unsaved pinned note hides (the window it's pinned to becomes hidden or is closed) it enters infinite loop with prompting to save (discovered by Sergey Christov)
  • New features:
    • Added spellchecking using Hunspell library. By default there is only English dictionary, but you can download additional dictionaries from These are .oxt files, but you can open them with any zip archiver, because they are actually zip archives. Extract .aff and .dic files and put them into "dictionaries" directory
    • Added option to set default colors (background, text and cation) or default skin for groups (suggested by oxk4r)
    • Added ability to set volume, speed and pitch for text-to-speech voices (suggested by Gennadiy Plant)
    • Added option to stop sound alarm of note after specified interval (suggested by Gennadiy Plant)
    • Send/receive properties of note are shown in note's tooltip (suggested by Sergey Christov)
    • If selected "Hide notes marked as completed", they will not appear when "Show All" is clicked (suggested by Martin Zihr)
    • -b command line switch may now be followed by custom backup directory (suggested by cominder)
    • Added optional actions for single click on system tray icon (suggested by cominder)
    • All status icons (priority, locked, completed etc) are now clickable and toggle current state. Click on icon "unsaved" will save the note (suggested by sh_666)
18 Nov 2011 - PNotes Portable version 8.5 released.
  • PNotes Portable version 8.5 released at Thanks to Oliver Krystal.
18 Nov 2011 - PNotes 8.5 released.
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Number of backup copies is not saved (discovered by kronofogd)
    • Unlocking program by hot key does not prompts for password (discovered by Sergey Christov)
    • "OK", "Cancel" and "Apply" buttons are not visible on some displays with font size larger than normal (discovered by Alexandru Bogdan Munteanu)
    • Under certain circumstances notes lose RTF formatting when they are restored from autosave after crash (discovered by rickytbf)
  • New features:
    • Added option to "pin" notes to specified window
    • Management of hotkeys is now concentrated on one dialog which is called from main menu
    • Added ability to add and manage groups of contacts (suggested by Sergey Christov)
    • Added autosizing of note's caption accordingly to caption font (suggested by kronofogd)
    • Added option for local synchronization, with ability to make it automatically when program is started from removable (USB) drive
    • Added note's ID column to Control Panel
06 Jul 2011 - PNotes Portable version 8.0 released.
  • PNotes Portable version 8.0 released at Thanks to Oliver Krystal.
05 Jul 2011 - PNotes 8.0 released.
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Note's content is not shown on Control Panel when Control Panel is loaded at startup
    • "mailto:" link in notes doesn't work (discovered by Nartan Sijbrandij)
  • New features:
    • Notes' exchange between computers on local network (disabled by default). All exchange related settings and contacts management are at Preferences->Network. If you want to enable exchange, you have to permit network access to the program in your firewall rules. Sending notes - right click on note, "Send Via Network" and choose contact to send. You may also send to multiple contacts by choosing "Send Via Network"->"Select Contacts"
    • New predefined group "Incoming" added to Control Panel
    • Option to protect individual note or group of notes with password (right click on note, select "Set Note Password"/"Remove Note Password" or choose group at Control Panel and then "Set Group Password"/"Remove Group Password"). Password protected notes and groups will be shown only after entering right password. You may also check the "Do not show note's content at Control Panel if note or its group is password protected" at Preferences->Protection->Miscellaneous in order to show "******" instead of note content at Control Panel.
    • "Sent To:", "Sent At:", "Received From:", "Received At:", "Password protected" and "Created" columns added to Control Panel
    • Wrappable toolbar on Control Panel
    • Option to show big icons on Control Panel's toolbar
    • Option to immediately hide notes marked as completed (suggested by bejobe)
    • Option to show/hide notes by last creation/modification date - several predefined periods (suggested by bejobe)
    • Option to search notes by last creation/modification date
    • Rolling/unrolling notes accordingly to position (rolled note located at the bottom of screen will unroll up, and not down) (suggested by Jose James)
    • New unsaved notes are deleted completely without moving to Recycle bin
    • Newly created notes are saved after scheduling, even if they are empty (suggested by Wolfram Schelzel)
    • New command line switches: -b for backup (suggested by cominder), -confnonetwork or -confignonetwork (the same as -conf or -config, just without exchange ability) -nonetwork (program starts without exchange ability)
    • Preferences dialog will show menu items in addition to command buttons (OK, Apply etc) on computers with low screen resolution (suggested by gino1307)
    • Option to hide both Delete and Hide button of note (suggested by charles80)
    • Order of menu items in main menu is changed to more consistent (suggested by Sergey Christov)
    • Note's toolbar on skinless notes changes position when note is resizing
    • All program resources (icons, bitmaps) stored in separate library (pnotes.resources), which decreases program size by hundreds of kilobytes.
    • Skins are changed in order to conform new options (note password protection) - please, update your skins if you have any.
    • Code revised
    • New version of PNShortcutManager - support for new command line switches
17 Mar 2011 - PNotes Portable version 7.5 released.
  • PNotes Portable version 7.5 released at Thanks to Oliver Krystal.
25 Feb 2011 - PNotes 7.5 released.
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Text from Office 2007 is inserted as image (discovered by hwq0086)
    • If note is docked, after program restart and undocking it loses caption and all toolbar buttons (discovered by franzki)
    • Misplacing of docking guiding arrows (discovered by JPDag)
    • Notes close automatically during dimming of display on devices with power-save options (laptops, notebooks etc) (discovered by sh_666)
    • Extra space in date/time formatted string on Control Panel (discovered by bejobe)
    • Alarm timer continues to work after the note has been sent to Recycle bin
    • Improper icons or icons disappear on Control Panel's toolbar (discovered by bejobe)
    • Opening donation page from within program in browser other than system default results in opening multiple pages (discovered by Sergey Christov)
  • New features:
    • On-line synchronization via FTP protocol
    • "Speaking notes" - ability to use text of note as alarm sound instead of .wav files
    • Option to backup all notes in single file
    • Linked notes - ability of one note to be linked to another
    • Option to show/hide notes by tags (suggested by horstepp2)
    • No need to register hotkeys for single note - replaced by simple shortcuts
    • Ability to set the period after which the note will be deleted completely from Recycle Bin (suggested by Andrey Tuliev)
    • Added note's content column to Control Panel (suggested by bejobe)
    • Added deletion time column to Control Panel - Recycle Bin
    • "Untitled" used as caption for new note instead of date/time span
    • Option to format default new note's name (date/time) (suggested by bejobe)
    • Option to show only cross ("Delete") button on note's caption and let it behave like "Hide" button (suggested by bejobe)
    • Option to copy/paste formatted text as plain text (suggested by hwq0086)
    • More buttons enabled on Control Panel for Quick Search results (suggested by horstepp2)
    • Option to exclude notes from Aero Peek for Windows Vista and above (show them while hovering over "Show Desktop" button) (suggested by k0shyx)
    • Ability to add links to external programs and run them (include command line options) (suggested by Pavlos Kotronakis)
    • Added option to switch "On Top" property On/Off for all notes
    • Added option to save note as simple text file (suggested by zunami)
    • Added five new optional parameters to -config command line switch: skins directory, backup directory, language files directory, sounds directory and fonts directory
    • Added option to reorder columns on Control Panel
    • Added PNotesShortcutManager - small program for more flexible work with PNotes in intranet environment
23 Nov 2010 - PNotes U3 package for version 7.0 added.
  • PNotes U3 package for version 7.0 added. Thanks to Jan Thonemann.
22 Nov 2010 - PNotes Portable version 7.0 released.
  • PNotes Portable version 7.0 released at Thanks to Oliver Krystal.
12 Nov 2010 - PNotes 7.0 released.
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Protection mode is not set properly from Control Panel
    • Notes.ini file is deleted during upgrade via installation by setup file
    • New diary note appears with zero width/height when "Custom diary settings" is selected without changing any of other options (discovered by zw963)
    • Autosave interval remains 1 minute regardless of changing on Behavior page (discovered by zw963)
    • Infinite loop while trying to replace the string by another string, which includes the first one, e.g. "dog" by "black dog" (discovered by zw963)
  • New features:
    • Files smilies.images and groups.images recompiled – no more false positives from some anti-virus vendors
    • Enhanced search with ability to change search criteria and scope. All search dialogs merged into one (suggested by horstepp2)
    • Search for selected text in web with ability to manage search providers
    • Favorites group in Control Panel (suggested by horstepp2)
    • Favorites column in Control Panel (suggested by Sergey Christov)
    • Ability to hide/show columns in Control Panel (suggested by shigeoyoshio)
    • Option to choose note's group while saving as/renaming (suggested by Lukas Baron)
    • Option to hide "X" (Delete) button on note (suggested by bejobe)
    • Trimming spaces and tabs from new note's default name (suggested by patswovelin)
    • Ability to insert date/time stamp (suggested by benjamindover)
    • Hidden caret in preview window (suggested by tremblsi)
    • Click on new version information baloon opens PNotes download page (suggested by patswovelin)
    • Downloadable help files
    • More detailed help file with multiple "How to:" sections (suggested by shigeoyoshio)
19 Sep 2010 - PNotes Portable version 6.5 released.
  • PNotes Portable version 6.5 released at Thanks to Oliver Krystal.
20 Aug 2010 - PNotes 6.5 released.
  • Fixed bugs:
    • The default note's name for saving was the first line of text in whole. Now restricted to specified number of characters.
    • Improper formatting for date when hours and minutes are at the beginning of format string (discovered by Christopher Freel)
    • Control Panel and Preferences windows were not restored after menu click or hot key if they were minimized (discovered by zw963)
    • Incorrect search in hidden notes (discovered by horstepp2)
  • New features:
    • Support for pictures and smilies
    • Special group of notes - "Diary", allowing to maintain diary-like set of notes (suggested by horstepp2)
    • Ability to define custom tags and assign them to notes for futher searching and sorting (suggested by horstepp2)
    • New command line switches -c (create new note), -cr (create new note from clipboard), -cd (create or show today diary page) (suggested by eran)
    • Option to search simultaneously in notes' bodies and titles (suggested by horstepp2)
    • Customizable groups icons (suggested by wolfeden3)
    • Option to change bullets indent
    • Option to change edit area margins
    • Wrappable text in preview window of Control Panel
    • Option to set sound alarm to infinite loop
    • Added years and months to "Repeat Every:" schedule type (suggested by tullio99)
    • Option to reload all notes (suggested by tullio99)
    • Ctrl+A on Control Panel will now select all notes
    • Option to switch between Hide All/Show All added to double click on system tray icon
    • Standard format accelerators (Ctrl+B - bold, Ctrl+I - italic, Ctrl+L - left align, Ctrl+E - center align, Ctrl+R - right align, Ctrl+U - underline, Ctrl+K - strike-through)
    • Added system tray baloon with greeting when program starts for the very first time
    • Changed look-n-feel of Preferences dialog
    • Translation for "About" dialog
18 Jun 2010 - PNotes U3 package for version 6.0 added.
  • PNotes U3 package for version 6.0 added. Thanks to Jan Thonemann.
04 Jun 2010 - PNotes Portable version 6.0 released.
  • PNotes Portable version 6.0 released at Thanks to Oliver Krystal.
23 Apr 2010 - PNotes 6.0 released
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Improper text displaying for right-to-left languages
    • Processing hot keys for note (hot key works on all notes instead of selected one) (discovered by zw963)
    • System tray icon restore after restarting of Window Explorer (discovered by hwq0086)
    • Bullets/numbering menu: the menu disappears after changing hot key on Behavior page
    • Bug in uninstaller script, which led to deleting "data" and "backup" folders during uninstallation or upgrading
    • Minor bugs with language switching on Control Panel
  • New features:
    • Different sounds for each note (suggested by patswovelin)
    • Added option to duplicate current note (suggested by snorrt)
    • Different transparency levels for each note (suggested by winds350)
    • Added option to set hot-keys for show/hide groups menu items (suggested by David Naylor)
    • Two new commands added to groups tree view: "Show group (include subgroups)" and "Hide group (include subgroups)" (suggested by ucr)
    • For schedule types "Repeat Every:" and "After:" added option to choose program start as starting point (suggested by zw963)
    • Added fourth optional command line parameter to -conf or -config switch: path/directory of notes.pnid file. In this way you can use the program with the same notes from different location, specifying common data directory and different notes.pnid locations (suggested by tullio99)
    • The click on clock icon of scheduled note will now bring up Schedule dialog (suggested by oleg)
    • Added "Show All Favorites" menu item to main pop-up menu (suggested by horstepp2)
    • Added check for overdue notes when computer resumes after standby (suggested by pbosoni)
    • More optional actions added to double click on system tray icon
    • Option to show alarmed notes on their original position instead of screen center (suggested by oleg)
    • Switches for all notes (protection mode, high priority etc) added to main pop-up menu
    • Added new color chooser for colors management
    • Added some effects like fluent notes closing and playing sound
    • Notes are brought up by left click on tray icon (not by right click) (suggested by btriffles)
    • Changed About dialog
31 Dec 2009 - PNotes Portable version 5.5 released.
  • PNotes Portable version 5.5 released at A lot of thanks to Oliver Krystal for great New Year's gift!
23 Dec 2009 - Software Requirements Specification added
  • Added Software Requirements Specification. An excellent work of Christos Batzilis (batzilis). Thank you, Christos!
19 Dec 2009 - PNotes 5.5 released
  • Added password protection (include program locking). (oliver_sahr)
  • Added ability to store notes as encrypted files.
  • Added ability to save notes backup copies and restore from them. (oliver_sahr)
  • Added "Monthly (exact date)" schedule type (e.g. at 23 every month at 23:42). (jbsiu)
  • Added "Monthly (day of week) schedule type (e.g. each second Monday every month at 15:17). (jbsiu)
  • Added "Start From" parameter to "Repeat Every" schedule type. (Oleg)
  • Added different numbering styles in addition to simple bullets.
  • Bulleted/numbered paragraphs are now indented.
  • Added "No bullets" menu item to bullets/numbering menu. (horstepp2)
  • Bullets/numbering menu items are checked accordingly to selected text style.
  • Added option to prevent showing notes in windows list on Alt+Tab. (sigei)
  • Added quick search box to Control Panel - which allows quickly search notes by their titles. (tvrman)
  • Added ability to fit notes width to caption width when rolled after double click on caption. (Sven)
  • Added option to save notes without prompt while hiding them. (Raleigh034)
  • "Save As" replaced with "Rename". (jpdag)
  • Fixed bug when notes are not saved on program closing/restarting.
  • Fixed some translation lacks.
  • Changed look of Preferences dialog.
  • Help file is removed from download package and appears as standalone download.
  • Added online help.
  • Thanks to all people helped me to develop and test this release!
06 Oct 2009 - U3 package for version 5.0 added.
  • U3 package of PNotes created by Jan Thonemann.
02 Sep 2009 - Setup program added.
  • Added standard Setup for PNotes (thanks to Vincent Duvernet for idea and support).
31 Aug 2009 - PNotes Portable version 5.0 released.
  • PNotes Portable version 5.0 released at A lot of thanks to Oliver Krystal for great work and to all staff.
21 Aug 2009 - PNotes 5.0 released (as usual name into brackets means the person who has discovered the problem or suggested the feature)
  • The main huge improvement: changed internal way the notes are kept, i.e. no windows are created for hidden or deleted notes. This prevents program slowness and possible memory problems. (nascent)
  • Added option to alert about overdue notes on program start. This option is disabled by default, in order to use it user should check 'Preferences' -> 'Schedule' -> 'Track overdue reminders'. If there is any overdue note, the dialog box with these notes will appear on program start. By double click on each item in list user could set up its schedule type or clear it. Tracking each note could be disabled by checking appropriate check box on note's schedule dialog. (oliver_sahr)
  • Added option to print note's contents.
  • Added preview pane to Control Panel. Now user doesn't have to open hidden notes to read their contents. (horstepp2 and oliver_sahr)
  • Added option to create new note from clipboard contents. (oliver_sahr)
  • Hot keys can now be assigned to both main menu and single note menu commands.
  • Added note's high priority flag, allows to set note's priority. (oliver_sahr)
  • Added note's "complete" flag, allows to mark the tasks as complete. (oliver_sahr)
  • Added option to lock note's contents against accidental changing. (juapar2)
  • Dropping a file onto note now provides a user with two possible choices: adding a contents of a file to note or adding a link to file to note's contents. (beerbrommer)
  • In addition to searchin notes by contents added ability to search notes by their title (or fragment of title). (horstepp2)
  • Added ability to send multiple notes as attachments in one email.
  • User can now define the program behavior after double click on program icon in system tray. (oliver_sahr)
  • Groups in Control Panel are now sorted alphabetically. (oliver_sahr)
  • Count of notes in each group in Control Panel is now shown in brackets next to group name. (oliver_sahr)
  • Columns for priority, complete state and protection mode added to Control Panel. It allows notes to be easily sorted by these properties as well. (oliver_sahr)
  • Added command for bringing all currently visible notes to front. (dintyma)
  • After choosing in Favorites the note will appear in its original location instead of center of screen. (aquabon)
  • After double click on note in Control Panel the note will become visible in its original position instead of centralizing.
  • "Adjust" command for single note is split into two different commands: "Adjust Appearance" and "Adjust Schedule". (horstepp2)
  • Added menu command to roll/unroll tne note. (s_djukic)
  • Added option to invert text color of notes with random background color. (nascent)
  • Adjustable preview window background color. (oliver_sahr)
  • Some hot keys are set by default (like Ctrl+S, Ctrl+P) and there are number of common keys combination unallowable for use as hot keys (Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, Ctrl+X etc) because other programs will not get these messages. (rickytbf)
  • Fixed bug with missed groups in Control Panel, which resulted in program crash. (oliver_sahr)
  • Fixed improper notes positioning after moving notes from wide screen to regular or from multiple screens system to single screen.
  • Fixed formatting problems.
  • Many thanks to all and especially to oliver_sahr and horstepp2.
02 Jun 2009 - PNotes 4.7 released - minor changes and many fixed bugs:
  • Bug fixed: choosing "Empty recycle bin" on pop-up menu deletes all notes (discovered by baggio1987)
  • Bug fixed: Alt+F4 closes note (discovered by baggio1987)
  • Bug fixed: the "On Top" menu item becomes disable after docking (discovered by rickytbf)
  • Bug fixed: notes don't appear in front after applying "Show All" if there is no any hidden note (discovered by rickytbf)
  • Bug fixed: transparency mask doesn't fit skin when docking (discovered by anonymous user)
  • Bug fixed: improper "Weekday" schedule type functionality (discovered by many users)
  • Added thin border for skinless notes (discovered by rickytbf)
09 April 2009 - U3 package for version 4.5 added.
  • U3 package of PNotes created by Tomcat.
05 Feb 2009 - PNotes Portable version 4.5 released.
  • PNotes Portable version 4.5 released at A lot of thanks to Oliver Krystal for great work and to all staff.
06 Dec 2008 - bug fixed.
  • Fixed improper displaying of schedule type ('Weekly') at Control Panel (thanks to Yinkda)
30 Nov 2008 - PNotes 4.5 released.
  • Favorites system - right click on note's non-client area and choose Add To Favorites (Remove From Favorites).
  • Custom fonts - fonts should be in 'fonts' directory within the program directory. Then follow 'Preferences --> Appearance --> Use custom fonts'. Fonts are registered for private use of program and unregistered after the program exits.
  • Sending note via e-mail as attachment. MS Outlook users - Outlook tries to treat .pnote files as simple RTF files and even changes their extension to .rtf while receiving - Wit Works Woe! Save the file as .pnote and continue to work with it.
  • Loading note from .pnote file.
  • Recycle Bin (like in Windows, if you hold left Shift while deleting, the note will be destroyed permanently). Emptying/restoring of Recycle Bin can be made via Control Panel.
  • Instead of 'Show All', 'Hide All' there are now 'Show Groups', 'Hide Groups' menu items in the system tray popup menu, allow you to show/hide specified groups of notes (or show/hide all notes).
  • Autosave operation will now include newly created notes as well.
  • Prompt to load autosaved notes after program crash will now appear only if there is at least one autosaved note.
  • New scheduler type - 'Weekly'. It allows selection of 1 - 7 weekdays and time. The program will alarm you each selected weekday at selected time.
  • New scheduler type - 'After'. It allows selection of start date/time and amount of [years][months][weeks][days][hours][minutes][seconds]. The program will alarm you after this amount is reached.
  • Added option to show Control Panel on program start.
  • Thanks to all people over the world helped me to test and finish this version.
17 Sep 2008 - PNotes Portable version 4.0 released.
  • PNotes Portable version 4.0 released at A lot of thanks to Oliver Krystal for great work and to all staff.
28 August 2008 - U3 package for version 4.0 added.
  • U3 package of PNotes (includes all language files available at the moment) created by UnderMiner.
23 August 2008 - PNotes 4.0 released.
  • Added search/replace capabilities (for all notes or for individual note).
  • Added docking to any side of screen (each note can be docked/undocked individually or all notes can be docked/undocked).
  • Added ability to randomize color of newly created skinless notes.
  • Added checking for new program version (automatically or manually).
  • Setting newly created note "on-top" is now optional.
  • Added options to hide/show toolbar on notes.
  • Formatting commands (like at note's toolbar) added to note popup menu under "Format" submenu.
  • Days interval added to "pester" schedule type.
  • Autosave will works only for changed notes.
  • Added relational notes positioning.
  • Added ability to add any info to skin (up to 255 characters) and displaying this info at skin preview window.
  • Common note's font sample is now drawn at skin preview window.
  • Added support for vertical skin's toolbars.
  • Bug fixed - tooltips were hidden for "on-top" notes.
  • Bug fixed - status bar of Control Panel was not renewed on delete/new.
  • Bug fixed - improper rolled notes resizing.
  • Bug fixed - on some machines menus display squares instead of TAB characters.
  • Bug fixed - command line switches -x, -xs didn't work.
  • Bug fixed - redrawing problem during fast user switching on XP machines.
29 May 2008 - PNotes Portable released.
  • PNotes Portable released at A lot of thanks to Oliver Krystal for great work and to all staff.
30 March 2008 - U3 package for version 3.5 added.
  • U3 package of PNotes (includes all language files available at the moment) created by UnderMiner.
14 March 2008 - critical error fixed.
  • Fixed critical error - program crashed after changing user interface language.
12 March 2008 - PNotes 3.5 released.
  • Added ability to create and modify notes groups via Control Panel.
  • Added visual notification for scheduled notes.
  • Restored note's context menu (right-click on edit box).
  • Skinless notes may be rolled to caption size (or restored) by double click on caption.
  • Transparency of note will not change on mouse events, like Enter or Leave, but on changing focus only.
  • Added command to restore note's placement - in some cases notes got negative size and/or location and disappeared.
  • Bug fixed - prevented improper resizing of skinless notes.
  • Bug fixed - new note moved on creation to the top of windows hierarchy.
  • Bug fixed - setting schedule type to "pester" did not affect immediately, if previous schedule type wasn't "No".
  • Bug fixed - timer of "pester" schedule type resets to 0 while changing skin.
  • Bug fixed - transparent note became opaque while saving it from Control Panel.
  • Help file size greatly decreased.
  • Many thanks to forum staff (as usual), Nigel Pentland and Pierre Richer for testing and suggestions
22 February 2008 - U3 packages added.
  • Two U3 packages of PNotes (include English only and all language files respectively) are now avalable for download. The packages are created by UnderMiner.
18 January 2008 - PNotes 3.0 released.
  • Simple edit box is replaced by rich edit - since now any portion of note's text can be formatted separately, applying font properties, highlighting and alignment
  • Added hyperlinks recognition
  • Added option for autosave mode - all notes will be autosaved in appointed interval
  • Each note can now be saved by pressing Ctrl+S
  • First characters of note are now used as default note's name instead of creation timestamp
  • Added Drag-&-Drop support
  • Added "Save All" command
  • Because of rich edit format each note is stored as separate file, instead of previous versions, where all notes are saved in single notes.pndb file. Notes from previous versions can be imported by choosing "Preferences->Misc->Get notes from previous versions"
  • Command line arguments are changed as well. In previous version swicth -config had two arguments: Notes.ini file location and optional Notes.pndb file location. In the current version -config still has two arguments, but the second optional arguments is now "data" directory location, and should not be a file name
  • Bug fixed - notes are saved automatically on system shutdown (if option "Save all on shutdown" is selected)
  • Skins from previous versions are incompatible with new one

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