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PNotes is translated into several languages. Usually new program release comes with updated translations, but sometimes it takes a while. I feel great gratitude for people who spend their time translating the program. Thank you very much!
Obviously, translations of previous versions may be used with new one (simply some words or sentences will be displayed in English). If you want to share a new translation, or bridge the gap in existing one - DO NOT HESITATE, you are strongly welcome! Small translators I've prepared will help you to do that. Send the translation to me directly and I will do my best to publish it immediately. It makes me feel as if I know one more language.


Requires .NET Framework 3.5

Requires .NET Framework 4.0 Client profile
Arabic (Egypt)Arabic (Egypt) 7.0out_of_date Ahmed Elgarhy
Arabic (Jordan)Arabic (Jordan) 9.3up_to_date Thamer Mousa
ArmenianArmenian 6.0out_of_date Tigran Azatyan
BasqueBasque 6.5out_of_date Miguel Aristondo
BulgarianBulgarian 9.3up_to_date Sergey Hristov
CastilianCastilian 9.3up_to_date José María Fdez-Satorre
CatalanCatalan 9.3up_to_date Hans Wilshusen Baró
Chinese (smp)Chinese (smp) 9.3up_to_date Loki Tang
Chinese (tr)Chinese (tr) 9.3up_to_date Tsprajna, HwangTW
CzechCzech 9.3up_to_date Jan Helebrant
DanishDanish 9.3up_to_date Lars Fisker
DutchDutch 9.3up_to_date Nartan Sijbrandij
English (UK)English (UK) 6.0out_of_date Christopher Freel
English (US)English (US) 9.3up_to_date ---
FarsiFarsi 7.0out_of_date Abdollah Mirzabeiki
FinnishFinnish 8.5out_of_date T. J. Hurtig
FrenchFrench 9.3up_to_date JP Dag
GermanGerman 9.3up_to_date Holger Stöhr
GreekGreek 9.3up_to_date Vasilis Georgiadis
HebrewHebrew 9.3up_to_date Timor Gruber
HungarianHungarian 9.3up_to_date Bodó Zsolt
Indonesian (INA)Indonesian (INA) 9.3up_to_date Juan Rio Sipayung
ItalianItalian 9.3up_to_date Giacomo Margarito
JapaneseJapanese 9.3up_to_date Yasuo Suzuki
KoreanKorean 9.3up_to_date Jin-Hwan Jeong
LithuanianLithuanian 9.3up_to_date Andrius Balseviçius
NorwegianNorwegian 7.5out_of_date Eilif Nordseth
PolishPolish 9.3up_to_date Graba
Portuguese (br)Portuguese (br) 9.3up_to_date Bruno Rafael Santos/João Mac-Cormick
Portuguese (st)Portuguese (st) 9.3up_to_date Jose Gonçalves
RomanianRomanian 9.3up_to_date Alexandru Bogdan Munteanu
RussianRussian 9.3up_to_date Andrey Gruber
SlovakSlovak 9.3up_to_date Maroš Šušla
SlovenianSlovenian 6.0out_of_date Martin Srebotnjak
SpanishSpanish 9.3up_to_date Sergio Benito
Spanish (Guatemala)Spanish (Guatemala) 5.0out_of_date Carlos Izas
SwedishSwedish 8.5out_of_date Olof Nord
ThaiThai 9.3up_to_date Kanchatchai Potila
TurkishTurkish 9.3up_to_date Murat Pala
UkrainianUkrainian 7.5out_of_date Alex Shatsky
Uzbek (Cyrillic)Uzbek (Cyrillic) 9.3up_to_date Nodir Yuldashev
Uzbek (Latin)Uzbek (Latin) 9.3up_to_date Nodir Yuldashev
VietnameseVietnamese 6.0out_of_date Nguyen Trung Phuoc
BulgarianBulgarian 3.6up_to_date Sergey Hristov
CatalanCatalan 1.4out_of_date Hans Wilshusen Baró
Chinese (smp)Chinese (smp) 3.0out_of_date Leeshzh
Chinese (tr)Chinese (tr) 3.1out_of_date Minson
CzechCzech 3.6up_to_date Miroslav Abrahám
DanishDanish 3.6up_to_date Morten Chrsitiansen
DutchDutch 2.0out_of_date Tom Kelbling
English (US)English (US) 3.6up_to_date ---
FrenchFrench 3.6up_to_date JP Dag
GermanGerman 3.4out_of_date Markus Bastian
HebrewHebrew 3.6up_to_date Timor Gruber
ItalianItalian 3.6up_to_date Giacomo Margarito
JapaneseJapanese 3.6up_to_date Yukto8492
KoreanKorean 3.4out_of_date Jin-Hwan Jeong
PolishPolish 3.6up_to_date Jarek <keiw>
Portuguese (br)Portuguese (br) 3.6up_to_date Gilmar Havenstein
Portuguese (st)Portuguese (st) 3.6up_to_date Jose Gonçalves
RomanianRomanian 1.6out_of_date Alexandru Bogdan Munteanu
RussianRussian 3.6up_to_date Andrey Gruber
SlovakSlovak 3.6up_to_date Maroš Šušla
SpanishSpanish 2.0out_of_date Antonio Ortiz Oficina
Spanish (Argentina)Spanish (Argentina) 3.6up_to_date Leandro Martín Drudi
Spanish (Guatemala)Spanish (Guatemala) 2.0out_of_date Carlos Izas
SwedishSwedish 3.0out_of_date Jan-Erik Larsson
TurkishTurkish 3.0out_of_date Murat Pala

I also want to express my thanks to authors whose translations by different reasons are not included any more:
  • Fabio Giovanetti (Italian)
  • Henk G. Zikken (Dutch)
  • Jean-Claude Virot (French)
  • Carlos Marquez (Spanish)
  • elega (Spanish)
  • Alongo Cheng (Chinese)
  • Lucas Alves (Portuguese Brasil)
  • Mohammed Al-Foulad (Arabic)
  • Nardog (Japanese)
  • Andrzej Pieńkowski (Polish)
  • Simeon Kuehl (German)
  • Nguyen Dang Quang (Vietnamese)
  • Phan Anh (Vietnamese)
  • Jordi Fornaguera (Catalan)
  • Pavlos S. Kotronakis (Hellenic - Greek)
  • Árpád Illés (Hungarian)
  • Olli (Finnish)
  • Lukas Baron (German)
  • Antonio Mazzocco Andersen (Danish)
  • Raszler Gábor (Hungarian)
  • Jan Helebrant (Czech)
  • Sergio Benito (Spanish)
  • Forever Wu (Chinese)
  • Holger Stöhr (German)
  • Antonio Baeza (Spanish)
  • Manfred Leber (German)
  • Franchino Corrado (German)
Thank you, guys, for your support!

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