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At the beginning PNotes was planned as skinnable program.
Each skin file (*.skn) corresponds a simple dynamic-link library which includes needed images and dimensions. In order to decrease size of skin, but preserve the quality, PNG images is used instead of BMP - with inestimable help of PNGLib library by Thomas Bleeker.
In order to automate skins creation process I wrote PNSkinCreator program - very simple and very imperfect, but still able to create a skin by several clicks.
Do not hesitate and share your own skins.


PNSkinCreator source

DownloadAll skins - megapack------
FastNotesDeepthi10 Nov 2011
HotNotesDeepthi10 Nov 2011
MonkeyNotesDeepthi10 Nov 2011
OxNotesDeepthi10 Nov 2011
PiggyNotesDeepthi10 Nov 2011
RattyNotesDeepthi10 Nov 2011
RicePaperDeepthi10 Nov 2011
TiggyNotesDeepthi10 Nov 2011
WizNotesDeepthi10 Nov 2011
WoollyNotesDeepthi10 Nov 2011
FredislandFrédéric Bellec10 Nov 2011
Fredisland_YAPSFrédéric Bellec10 Nov 2011
Burned Paper 1Jaime Rodriguez10 Nov 2011
Burned Paper 2Jaime Rodriguez10 Nov 2011
Clip Note 1Jaime Rodriguez10 Nov 2011
Clipboard 1Jaime Rodriguez10 Nov 2011
Collage 2Jaime Rodriguez10 Nov 2011
Cork 2Jaime Rodriguez10 Nov 2011
Envelope 1Jaime Rodriguez10 Nov 2011
Envelope 4Jaime Rodriguez10 Nov 2011
Gradient 1Jaime Rodriguez10 Nov 2011
Gradient 2Jaime Rodriguez10 Nov 2011
Notebook 1Jaime Rodriguez10 Nov 2011
Old Notebook PaperJaime Rodriguez10 Nov 2011
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