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There are two types of synchronization available in PNotes.NET: local and online.


1.To synchronize notes locally Right click on program icon in system notification area nticon and choose "Backup/Synchronization"-->"Manually Local Synchronization" menu item from context menu. You will be prompted to select notes data directory and (optional) separate directory of program database. Another way to synchronize notes locally is to allow automatic synchronization with host computer when program is started from USB drive. You may add computers and other synchronization details on "Protection" page at Preferences dialog.
2.Online synchronization is available if you have any synchronization plugin installed. Initially program ships without plugins, you may download them by click on "Search for updates/new plugins" button on either Synchronization or "Social networks" tab of "Network" page at Preferences dialog.  Choose one or more of available plugins on Synchronization tab and apply your settings. Once added, the plugin will appear under "Backup/Synchronization" menu item of main context menu. Click on plugin's menu and follow service provider instructions. You may also to set up the program to synchronize online on start - just take into consideration, that synchronization process can drag on for a long time, depending on your internet connection speed and service provider capabilities.