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How to: manage hot keys

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Right click on program icon in system notification area nticon and choose "Preferences" menu item from context menu or click on prefs button on PNotes.NET Control Panel.

When "Preferences" dialog appears, choose "Behavior" behavior_settings page.


Click on "Hot keys management" button. This will bring up hot keys management dialog:




Each tab on dialog represents its own menu:

Main menu - appears after right click on program icon in system notification area.
Note - appears after right click on note (excluding edit area).
Edit area - appears after right click on note's edit area.
Groups - represents Show/Hide options for groups.


Enter desired hot key (e.g. Ctrl+Shift+H, F10, Shift+F9 etc) in the text box (do not type "Ctrl" or any other text, just press on desired keys combination) and press OK. Take into account that there is a number of forbidden combinations listed here.


Clicking on "Defined hot keys" will expand the list with hot keys you've already defined:




Hot keys previously saved will have hotkeysaved icon next to them, while just added hot keys will not.