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Import from previous edition

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To import notes and/or settings from previous edition of program - PNotes - choose appropriate command under Backup/Synchronization menu item of main context menu.


Choosing "Import Notes From PNotes" will bring up following dialog:




You have to specify location of notes files. Optionally, you may specify location of notes DB file (the one with *.pnid extension). Usually it is located with notes, in the same directory. If you want to import notes groups, you have to choose notes initialization (notes.ini) file. Take into consideration that groups hierarchy and icons will not be preserved, because old settings are not compatible with new ones.

You may also decide whether you want to import deleted notes from Recycle Bin or not (default is not).

In case you import a large amount of notes it's better to keep them invisible in order to speed up importing process.


Choosing "Import Settings From PNotes" will bring up following dialog:




The only thing you have to specify is notes initialization (notes.ini) file.