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One yet interesting PNotes.NET feature is ability to dock notes to any side of desktop, making them look like task bar.

In order to dock all visible notes choose one of available docking modes under "Docking (All Notes)" menu item at main context menu.

In order to dock/undock separate note choose one of available docking modes under "Dock" menu item of note's context menu.

Here you can see notes docked to the bottom side of desktop:




Background color, fonts, skin and size of docked notes can be set at "Docking" section of "Appearance" page at Preferences dialog.


If docked notes overflow the desktop area then, when you hover the last note, the semi-transparent arrow will appear, allowing you to shift docked notes by click on it.




If you hide ore delete note while it is on the docked "bar", remained notes will shift into necessary direction and hide resulting gap.