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Diary is an exclusive feature of PNotes.NET. Strictly speaking this is ordinary notes, but joined into special group "Diary". You may consider them as diary pages. Just like with real diary, you may write down today's events, then skip a couple of days and return to diary again.

When you click on "Today" item under "Diary" menu item of main context menu - new diary "page" of today will be created or existing "page" of today will be showed.






The name of Diary "page" is always the date it has been created, although format of this date can be changed at "Diary" section of "Appearance" page at Preferences dialog.

Also at that section you may set various "Diary" properties.

Diary "page" behaves like any other note with some restrictions:

1.It can not be renamed
2.It can not be associated with group other than "Diary"
3.It can not be added to Favorites

Look of Diary group (background color, fonts, skin etc) may be customized at "Diary" section of "Appearance" page at Preferences dialog.