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There are two different types of backup actions available in PNotes.NET, which often confuses novice users. So, let's consider them one by one.


"On-the-fly" backup.
If you choose to enable "Backup notes before saving" option at "Protection" page of Preferences dialog, then each time you save changes, made to your note (but before the save operation occurs) the copy of note will be saved in "backup" directory as separate file under name composed of note's ID and ordinal number and  ".pnxb" extension, e.g. "121229010256598_1.pnxb". Next time you save this note the copy of it's current state will be saved with next ordinal number, i.e. "121229010256598_2.pnxb". And so on until the limit of backup copies is reached. The limit of backup copies (also named "Backup deepness") may be set at "Protection" page using "Backup deepness (amount of copies for each note)" field. The default value of backup deepness is 3.
Backup copies are stored by FIFO (First In First Out) concept, i.e. if backup deepness is set, say, to 3, and you are saving note for the fourth time, the first copy will be replaced by second one, the second copy will be replaced by third one and current note's state will be saved as third copy.
In order to restore note from backup click "Restore From Backup" item on note's context menu and choose one of available backups. Also you can see all backups under "Backup" group at PNotes.NET Control Panel and restore them by double click.
Full backup.
Full backup is a copy of all existing notes' files and notes' database saved as ZIP archive. You may do it manually by choosing "Create Full Backup" item under "Backup/Synchronization" menu of program's main context menu. To restore notes from full backup, choose "Restore From Full Backup" item under "Backup/Synchronization" menu of program's main context menu.
If "Silent full backup" option at "Protection" page of Preferences dialog is enabled,  then manual full backup will be created in "backup" directory using default name without prompting to choose directory and file name. Otherwise you will be prompted to choose directory and file name each time you create full backup.
You may also specify days of week and time to perform full backup automatically.