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Skins page

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Following options can be set on this page:

Skins - choose one from the list or choose "(No skin)" if you prefer skinless mode. In the window next to the list will appear skin's preview or skinless note preview. In case of skinless mode you can change note's background color and caption font in preview window.
More skins - check PNotes site for more skins available.
Default size of skinless note - each new skinless note will be set to this size on creation.
Skinless notes' common background color and/or caption font - note's specific formatting can be done on note window.
Random background color - check this option if you want to randomize newly created skinless notes colors.
Text color inverting - check this option if you want to invert text color for notes with random background color.
Skinless notes' behavior on double click on note's caption - select/deselect appropriate checkbox. If this option is set, double click on note's caption will roll it to caption size and next double click will unroll it back. You may also check the Fit to caption when rolled - in this case the width of rolled note will be fit to its caption width.


More detailed explanation at "How to (skins)" page.