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Searching in single note is identical for searching process in Notepad or other applications.

Searching in all notes is performed with special dialog:




You may choose one of search criteria listed below:

Match entirely search string (regular search)
Match every word in search string (each word from search string has to be found - "AND" search)
Match at least one word in search string (at least one word from search string has to be found - "OR" search)


Search scope is represented by three options:

Search in text
Search in titles
Search in text and titles


In search results list you can see all searched text occurrences (with scope, line and column specified) in visible and, in case the appropriate check box is checked, hidden notes. Double click on the tree view item will select the searched text in appropriate note and make hidden note visible.


Also at this dialog you can clear search history.



In addition you can search notes by their tags:




and by various dates:




You may also perform quick search in notes' titles on PNotes Control Panel.