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Schedule page

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Following options can be set on this page:

Sound alerts - select/deselect appropriate checkbox in order to enable/disable sound alerts. If alerts are enabled you can add, listen and remove *.wav files.
Text-to-speech settings - select preferable default voice from available voices and listen sample text.
Voice settings - volume, speed and pitch.
Visual notification - select/deselect appropriate checkbox. If visual notification is enabled animated exclamation icon will be displayed over the scheduled note, when it alerts you.
Overdue reminders tracking - select/deselect appropriate checkbox. You will be alerted on program start about any overdue reminder.
Date/time formats - choose date/time formats for Schedule tab of note.
Prevent notes moving - check this option in order to see alerted notes on original position instead of center of screen.


More detailed explanation at "How to (schedule)" page.