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Protection page

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Following options can be set on this page:

Password - at this page you may create, change or remove password.
Encryption - when appropriate option is checked, the program will store notes as encrypted files.
Program's behavior when it is locked - when appropriate option is checked, choosing "Lock Program" will hide the program's icon in system tray as well as all program's windows.
Backing up before saving - check the appropriate checkbox to enable to save backup copy of note before each saving. To set desired number of backup copies select the value using up/down buttons.
Allowing silent full backup - if this option is checked, you won't be prompted to choose file name during full backup - it will be saved under current timestamp as  name instead.
Including notes from Recycle Bin in local synchronization.
Setting up computer and local directory for automatic synchronization - when program starts from USB drive on computer which is in the list, notes will be synchronized automatically.


More detailed explanation at "How to (protection)" page.