Getting Started
How to (note)
Send note to another computer
Set/remove note's password
Roll/unroll note
Pin/unpin note to/from window
Adjust note's appearance
Adjust note's schedule
Make a note "speaking"
Work with tags
Work with linked notes
Insert images
Note groups
Appearance page
How to (appearance)
Allow transparency
Hide note's toolbar
Use custom fonts
Show scrollbar in note's editor area
Hide "Delete" button
Change appearance of "Hide" button to "Delete" button
Hide "Hide" button
Change bullets indent
Change margins for skinless notes
Change common font
Skins page
How to (skins)
Switch between skinless and skinnable mode
Get more skins online
Change default size of skinless notes
Change default background color of skinless notes
Change default caption font of skinless notes
Create skinless notes with random background color
Invert text color for skinless notes
Roll/unroll notes by double click on caption
Change note's width to fit the caption width when it's rolled
Schedule page
How to (schedule)
Allow sound alerts
Enable visual notification
Track overdue reminders
Leave alarmed note on it's original position
Add/remove sound alerts
Set date and time formats for scheduling
Set default voice for text-to-speech
Overdue Reminders
Docking page
How to (docking)
Set custom skin
Set custom size
Set custom background color
Set custom caption font
Inverse docking order
Change distance between docked notes
Behavior page
How to (behavior)
Save all unsaved notes on program exit
Silently save notes on program exit
Show confirmation dialog before note's deletion
Save notes without confirmation while hiding
Be warned when note is deleted automatically from Recycle Bin
Force new note to stay on top of other windows
Use relational notes positioning
Hide notes marked as "Completed"
Show big icons on PNotes Control Panel
Not include notes in the system list of opened windows
Keep notes visible while hovering over "Show Desktop" button
Set system tray icon double click behavior
Set new note's default name convention
Set length of default note's name
Set length of note's text shown in "Content" column at PNotes Control Panel
Determine the period after which notes will be deleted from Recycle Bin
Autosave notes
Protection page
How to (protection)
Encrypt notes
Hide system tray icon
Backup previous version of note before saving
Make full backup without prompting for file name
Hide content for password protected notes
Include notes from Recycle Bin in local synchronization
Setup computers for automatic synchronization
Diary page
How to (diary)
Customize look of "Diary" group
Add weekday name to diary note's name
Define how diary's "pages" from previous dates are shown
Reverse order of diary's "pages"
Set naming format of "pages"
Set number of diary's "pages" shown under "Diary" menu
Network page
How to (network)
Include notes from Recycle Bin in synchronization
Synchronize notes on program start
Save notes before synchronization
Enable notes exchange
Save notes before sending
Do not show notifications about received notes
Show received note after double click on notification baloon
Show "Incoming" group after click on notification message
Do not play sound when new note arrives
Do not show notification when note is sending
Immediately show received note
Hide note after sending
Do not show contacts in context menu
Set up FTP account properties
Add, modify and remove contacts / groups of contacts
Misc page
How to (misc)
Run program on system start
Show PNotes Control Panel when program starts
Check for new version of program when program starts
Hide notes fluently (effects)
Play sound while hiding note (effects)
Manually check for new version
Set your preferred browser
Add, modify or remove tags
Add, modify or remove search providers
Add, modify or remove external programs
PNotes Control Panel
Preview Pane
How to (Control Panel)
Hide/show columns in list view
Manage list of available groups' icons
Hot Keys
Forbidden Hot Keys
Spell checking
Program password
Show/Hide options
Manual local synchronization
Command Line

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