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How to (behavior)

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How to: save all unsaved notes on program exit

How to: silently save notes on program exit

How to: show confirmation dialog before note's deletion

How to: save notes without confirmation while hiding

How to: be warned when note is deleted automatically from Recycle Bin

How to: force new note to stay on top of other windows

How to: use relational notes positioning

How to: hide notes marked as "Completed"

How to: show big icons on PNotes Control Panel toolbar

How to: not include notes in the system list of opened windows

How to: keep notes visible while hovering over "Show Desktop" button

How to: set system tray icon double click behavior

How to: set new note's default name convention

How to: set length of default note's name

How to: set length of note's text shown in "Content" column at PNotes Control Panel

How to: determine the period after which notes will be deleted from Recycle Bin

How to: autosave notes