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Hot Keys

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Right click on program icon appears in system notification area nticon and choose "Hot Keys" menu item from pop-up menu.


One of the most significant PNotes feature is ability to assign hot keys to frequently used commands. Actually you may assign hot keys to four different sets of commands: main program menu, note's pop-up menu, pop-up menu which appears when you right click note's edit area and notes' groups. To add/modify a hot key select desired command and click the appropriate button:



When you click on Add/Modify buttons the dialog box appears under chosen command.



Enter desired hot key (e.g. Ctrl+Shift+H, F10, Shift+F9 etc) in the text box (do not type "Ctrl" or any other text, just press on desired keys combination) and press OK. Take into account that there is a number of forbidden combinations listed here.