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Diary page

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Following options can be set on this page:

Custom settings of "Diary" group - allows custom setting of "Diary" group
Add weekday name to note's name - every diary "page" is named in compliance with date it has been created. Setting this feature will add/remove weekday name to/from note's name.
Full weekday name - allows you to show full or short weekday name in note's name
Weekday name placement - allows you to show weekday name at the end of note's name instead of beginning.
Do not show diary "pages" from previous dates - if this option is checked, no diary "pages" will be shown under main popup "Diary" submenu and PNotes Control Panel "Diary" menu, but "Today" item only.
Ascending sort of "pages" in "Diary" menu - if this option is checked, diary "pages" will be shown in ascending order under "Diary" submenu, i.e. from earliest to latest.
Date format for diary "pages" naming.
Number of diary "pages" shown in "Diary" menu.


More detailed explanation at "How to (diary)" page.