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A lot of thanks to Pelle Orinius for strong, clever and comfortable Pelles C for Windows IDE.
Special credits to Thomas Bleeker for his PNGLib library, which allowed me to use PNG skin images instead of standard bitmaps and dramatically decrease the size of skin files.
Thanks to PNotes forum staff for many useful suggestions and spending time for testing the program.
Thanks to all PNotes users over the web for goodwill, patience and advices.
Thanks to translators, helping PNotes to speak many languages.
Thanks to my employers for giving me opportunity and leisure smilie to write this program.
Thanks to my family for patience, shelter and nourishment.
Special thanks for significant remarks, fresh ideas, suggestions and selfless testing to:

Oliver Sahr, Horst Epp, Oliver Crystal, Sergey Hristov, Oleg, nascent-, nomnex, David Naylor, zw963,

baggio1987, rickytbf, dintyma, aquabon, juapar2, Vincent Duvernet, jpdag, Raleigh034, Sven,

tvrman, nsigei, jbsiu, batzilis, npbosoni, npatswovelin, tullio99, nbtriffles, nucr,

winds350, snorrt, wolfeden3, eran, Christopher Freel, Tsprajna, tremblsi, Lukas Baron, bejobe,

benjamindover, shigeoyoshio, k0shyx, Pavlos Kotronakis, Andrey Tuliev, hwq0086, sh_666,

Jose Jamez, Wolfram Schelzel, cominder, gino1307, charles80, kronofogd.

Thanks to all over the world who simply uses the program.