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Command Line

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There are several command line options in PNotes:

1.-x - will close current PNotes instance
2.-xs - will close PNotes instance in silent mode, saving all unsaved notes without prompting, if appropriate option ("Save all on exit") is selected on Preferences window (Misc page)
3.-xn - will close PNotes instance without saving any unsaved note, overriding all preferences settings
4.-b - will perform full backup (in this case you may add optional backup directory path)
5.-c - will create new note
6.-cr - will create new note from clipboard
7.-cd - will create or show today's Diary note
8.-nonetwork - will start the program without network support (i.e. notes exchange will be disabled)
9.-conf or -config - allows to define a number of paths/file names in following order
.1.Configuration file (Notes.ini) path - required. Send empty string - "" - in order to use the default location.
.2.Data folder path another than default (the default is application folder) - optional.
.3.External launcher path (if any presented, for example PortableApps launcher) - optional.
.4.Path/directory of notes.pnid file (the default is "data" folder) - optional.
.5.Skins folder path - optional.
.6.Backup folder path - optional.
.7.Language files folder path - optional.
.8.Sounds folder path - optional.
.9.Fonts folder path - optional.
.10.Dictionaries folder path - optional.

10. -confnonetwork or -confignonetwork - the same as -conf or -config, but without network support


If there is no such file/directory, the new one will be created.



"C:\PNotes\PNotes.exe" -xs


"C:\PNotes\PNotes.exe" -conf "C:\Documents and Settings\Configuration"


"C:\PNotes\PNotes.exe" -conf "C:\Documents and Settings\Configuration" "C:\Documents and Settings\Data" "" "" "C:\Documents and Settings\Data\PNotesSkins" "" "C:\Documents and Settings\Data\PNotesLanguages"


"C:\PNotes\PNotes.exe" -conf "" "C:\Documents and Settings\Data" "" "D:\New location\notes.pnid"


"C:\PNotes\PNotes.exe" -conf "C:\Documents and Settings\Configuration" "C:\Documents and Settings\Data" "C:\PortablePNotes\PortablePNotes.exe"


In case of -conf or -config (-confnonetwork or -confignonetwork) switch, the program will not check other switches.