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Following options can be set on this page:

Transparency level - select/deselect appropriate checkbox to enable/disable transparency. Set desirable value for transparency. Notice, that value of 255 will result in fully transparent note.
Underlining color for spell checking
Note's toolbar - hide/show note's toolbar
Custom fonts - use custom fonts (the fonts should be located at '[program dir]\fonts' directory).
Note's scrollbars - select/deselect appropriate checkbox. Notice, that applying this change will force all notes to be reloaded.
Look-&-feel of "Hide" and "Delete" buttons - select/deselect appropriate check boxes to show/hide "Delete"/"Hide" buttons of note and change their appearance.
Common settings of note's edit area:
Bullets/numbering indent - in twips.
Left and right margins width - only for skinless notes, because skinnable ones have their own predefined margins.
Common notes' font - note's specific formatting can be done on note window.


More detailed explanation at "How to (appearance)" page.